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Shenzhen Centex
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Shenzhen centex International Freight Co. Ltd. (\"L Centex Int Freight & Forwarding (Shenzhen) Co.Ltd was established in 2004, with in the international maritime and air transport agency, a full range of logistics transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, 

distribution in one concept, Shenzhen company has gradually grown up, have their own perfect the structure of the company. And we have a group of passionate, experienced, professional and efficient staff to provide our customers with \"safe, fast, accurate and super value\" international freight forwarding services. Business scope Sea and air transport. Lanhuo, booking, storage, transit, container devanning assembled Miscellaneous fee settlement Customs declaration, inspection, insurance, related short haul transport services and consulting services Domestic coastal transportation, railway transportation and other related services Engineering and product logistics projects at home and abroad The business advantage of our company International freight service for sea, land and air It has a multi-level ship owner resources and freight resources to provide customers with a variety of shipping, freight, and service options. It has a logistics network that covers the four continents of the world. . a special foreign currency (dollars, Hong Kong dollars) cash account, convenient direct settlement of freight. According to the standard of ISO9001 quality system, the \"customer centered\" business process and supporting system have been established. Service quality guarantee system In the salt field, the snake mouth has a warehouse, which can provide the service for the customer to transfer and disassemble the box. We have accumulated years of experience in doing large projects. Zhong Jin Shenzhen project 2.1 Mama Bay, Shenzhen to Sri Lanka power plant project (Sri Lanka government project) Time: 2008-8-20 Departure: Mom. Bay, Shenzhen Destination: Jaffna, Sri Lanka Name of goods: generator set Goods size: 13.5X3.4X4.2M (6 sets, 5900CBM) Weight of goods: 129 tons 2.2 Ma Wan, Shenzhen to Jakarta, Indonesia (ALSTOM project) Time: 2009-4-20 Origin: Losangeles, United States. Destination: Dayawan nuclear power station, Shenzhen Goods name: power station shell Cargo size: 4.3X4.3X4.5M (total 2200CBM) Weight of goods: 6 tons MB\/L name:CENTEX INT'L FREIGHT & FORWARDING (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. Address: Shenzhen City, Futian District Zhuzilin Qiushi East Building Room 2313 Fax: +86-0755-88316589 phone: 4000036556

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