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Dalian Centex
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Established in Dalian in 1994, Dalian Centex Int'l Freight & Forwarding Co., Ltd. is the first batch of international freight forwarders officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (now the Ministry of Commerce). The company is also the first member of the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA). Since its establishment, Chungjin people have been adhering to the corporate culture of “Taking people to take care of others and entering the industry”. With a professional attitude, dedication, and pragmatic style, they have worked diligently in the field of international freight logistics, and have done their best. The company's main international freight forwarding business, including shipping, air transport, land transport, customs inspection, container inland transportation, warehousing, bulk cargo transportation, large cargo transportation and engineering projects logistics distribution, third-party procurement of several major advantages of business.


"Zhongjin" has always been eager to rush the customer, think of what customers think, and constantly improve the service system, which is particularly prominent in the declaration business, "Zhongjin" has trained a group of experienced customs declaration elites, can provide customers with professional import and export of goods The high-quality customs declaration and other one-stop services. “Zhongjin” is an old international freight forwarding company with a long history of 16 years. Its customers are all over the country. The service and reputation of “Zhongjin” has also been widely recognized at home and abroad. For foreign agents, “Zhongjin” means reliable partners and reliable comrades whose business can be extended and developed. For customers, “loyalty” is their bridge to the world.


Since 2004, the "China International Freight Forwarding 100 Companies", "China International Freight Forwarding Private Enterprise Rankings" and "China International Shipping Enterprise Rankings" held by the China International Freight Forwarders Association and International Business Daily have successively listed in the competition. . Due to its outstanding business, in 2009 it was awarded "National Excellent Customs Declaration Enterprise" by China Customs Declaration Association.


Currently, "Zhongjin" is the second and third member of the China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA). It is also a member of FIATA, WCA family, and CGLN.


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Address of Company: Room A1606, No.20 Gangwan Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian

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