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Shanghai Centex
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Shanghai Zhongjin International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006. It is an international freight forwarding agency and NVOCC approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China. It has a strong influence in the Shanghai market.


Main business: South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Central and South America Pinxiang, near ocean, Australia, Europe FCL and other maritime transport, air import and export cargo international transport agency business. Undertake: Lanhuo, charter, booking, customs clearance, inspection, assembly, unpacking, warehousing, transit, cargo insurance, inland transportation and consulting services. We will provide a flexible and convenient freight forwarding service for your transportation needs with a stable, favorable and fast world shipping network system to meet the different needs of different customers. A team that is experienced in freight forwarding and highly responsible to customers. Maintain close cooperation with many shipping companies.


The company's main business units are: FCL Department, FCL Export Department, Import Department, Air Transport and Commerce Department.


 (1) Consolidation Export Department: To ensure safe, timely, and complete shipment of your consolidator cargo to the destination, the consolidator transportation is covered by a global agency system.


(2) FCL Export Department: Mainly engaged in the global Fcl business. We have a strong agency network, professional staff, and a good market relationship that can safely, promptly, and conveniently transport your goods to all parts of the world.


(3) Import Department: Reliance on the Group's strong agency network and Shanghai's smooth import system as a platform will ensure that the goods you receive are safe, timely and complete.


(4) Air Transport Department: With its strong agency coverage network and excellent air transportation services, the global air transportation service created with the cooperation of first-class airlines can meet all your air transportation requirements.


(5) Ministry of Commerce: Maintaining good relations of cooperation with a number of shipowners, India and Pakistan have a certain market share in Central and South America and the Middle East.


Address: Room 10-507, Shanghai New City, No. 990 Dalian Road, Shanghai Postcode: 200092


Adress : Room 8#-2107, Hi-Shanghai Building, No.950 Dalian Road, Shanghai, China P.C.: 200092


Service Tel: 400 003 6556


Fax: +86-021-61672966/67/68

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