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Address: 18E, Huanhai Building, No. 2 Donghai Middle Road, Southern District, Qingdao

National Service Hotline: 18669719855

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Project and break-bulk shipping

Shipping services include:

Loyalty International Freight Co., Ltd. helps customers to open up all ports in the world through multi-level services!

In particular, our strong routes - South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, India, Pakistan, the Middle East,

We use a strong network and professional team to create first-class logistics solutions for our customers.

Fully meet the customer's shipping needs!

1. Global container transport (small cabinets, large cabinets, ultra-high), common containers, frame boxes, open top boxes, clothes hanging boxes, freezer boxes,

2. LCL shipping.

3 bulk cargo transportation.

4. Third-party logistics transportation.

5. Bonded Area Warehouse

6. Overseas warehouse

So far, Zhongjin has more than 30 institutions across the country, covering major Chinese ports and major coastal logistics centers (shown below).

There is a joint venture in Hong Kong and South Korea and a wholly-owned subsidiary in Brazil

Overseas, Zhongjin has reliable agents and partners in more than 100 countries.






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Address: 18E Huanhai Mansion, No.2 Donghaizhong Road, Qingdao, China

Phone: +86-18669719855