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“BEST”Direct mail item description


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“BEST”The Brazilian green line is Lombard's Brazilian parcel logistics service. It has a high rate of investment and time efficiency, and it takes only 10-15 working days for the entire process to be effective. Supporting full tracking of inquiries is the best choice for the delivery of goods to Brazil.

* Delivery range throughout Brazil

* Product price 40/ ticket processing fee + 0.09/g

*Product Advantages Cost-Efficient Airfreight to Brazil, Reduce Air Freight Costs

* Time-sensitive guaranteed delivery, delivery takes only 10-15 business days

*Tracking query Provides full tracking tracking service, available on the official website

* Easy clearance Zero risk Simple clearance, average clearance time of 1 day, low cost

*Value-added service Free delivery for 2 times

Product route

Day1 receipt, sorting, bagging

Day2-3 Arrangements for Hong Kong, Cargo Delivery Airport

Day4 scheduled to fly to Brazil

Day7-15 clearance + delivery at the end


BEST Brazil line details

* Weight limit 0-30kg

* The size limit is not more than 105 centimeters long and wide, and the total length of three sides does not exceed 200 centimeters;

* The length is not less than 16cm, the width is not less than 11cm, and the height is not less than 2cm;

* Delivery Priority delivery, free delivery 2 times,

*Tracking query Official website query

* Claims The period for acceptance of the claim is: Undelivered parcels, 90 natural days from customs clearance;

* Damaged or stolen parcels have been received within 5 working days since the recipient received the postage.

* Claim amount RMB100/piece.

* Tariffs up to $100

* Insurance Claims There is currently no additional insurance coverage for this product

*Return shipments are destroyed and destroyed free of charge. Returns to China prices need real-time consultation based on the quantity and weight of goods.

*Product Name Restriction Pure battery type not accepted


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