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CENTEX-SINOSTAR Business Introduction


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Business Introduction: Shipping, Air Freight, Land Transport, Bulk Cargo Transportation, Dangerous Goods Transport, Special Container Transport, Freight Transport, Import/Export Agents, Customs Clearance, Exhibition Transport, Ro-Ro Shipping, Cargo Storage, Bonded Warehouse, Cross-border Electricity Logistics, overseas warehouses, Shuangqing, station loading and unloading, pallet reinforcement, e-mail Bao, and Brazilian direct mail.

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Centex helps customers to reach all ports in the world through multi-level services, especially our strong route - Latin America.

We use a strong network and advanced systems to create first-class logistics solutions for our customers and fully cater to customers.

Maritime needs.

Shipping services include

The entire container transport. Ordinary container, frame box, open top box, clothes box, freezer box.

LCL shipping.

Bulk cargo transportation.

Third-party logistics transportation.

Domestic trade transport.


As an IATA agent for many major airlines, CENTEX offers a range of air services with internationally recognized quality and speed.

From as small as a few kilograms of samples, to assortment of irregular equipment, we can find the best solution to transport the destination in a timely and safe manner.

Advantages of air routes: Brazil, Chile, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the United States.

The main cooperative airlines are: Daehan, Air China, Eastern Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and South Korea.

Our strengths are reflected in:

Ground operation ability.

One-stop service: trailers, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, and air transportation.

Many airlines choose to meet different transportation needs.

Great experience in transporting large air cargo.

Reliable overseas agency networks throughout Central and South America and worldwide

The DDU/DDP/EXW business has been guaranteed smooth and reliable undertaking.


We have extensive experience in the transportation of bulk bulk cargo such as mechanical equipment, special vehicles, steel, ore, ore, chemicals, light industrial materials, steel structures, and oil pipes.

We are familiar with the charter and terminal operating procedures and will select and formulate the most suitable transportation plan based on your actual needs.

Our chartering department mainly operates routes in South America, the Middle East, Africa, North America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

The advantages of our project transportation are reflected in:

Good port handling and communication skills

Handling technology and design

Road survey and choice of the best route

Emergency Response Strategy

Strict third party inspection

Transportation Packaging Consulting

Job site supervision, safety and technical support

Value-added services

customs clearance 

      Proficient in customs laws and channels to effectively protect the interests of customers and ensure the timeliness of customs clearance.

Zhongjin Customs Brokers has been rated as a customs clearance unit throughout the year.


       Our own fleet and well-managed agreement fleet are our strong guarantees for bulk and container transportation. Good coordination of terminals, stations, warehouses and railways ensures the timeliness of multimodal transport.


Relying on the advantages of importing and exporting LCL and bulk cargo, we provide warehousing and distribution services for our customers. Based on the requirements of advanced customers, we also provide bonded warehousing and logistics services.

Industry Solutions/Industry Solutions


CENTEX specializes in tailoring professional and reliable supply chain solutions for the world's top brands.

We have the following logistics experience for our customers, which greatly saves our logistics costs for our customers.

Exhibition Logistics

       CENTEX has been devoted to transporting goods for various trade fairs and exhibition venues. Zhongjin experts and multilingual work teams have successfully delivered exhibitions around the world.

Our highly flexible exhibition service experience ensures your perfect performance. You can choose your preferred transportation mode to transport goods back and forth to the fairground. We can also provide you with a full set of document data processing and customs clearance services to help your goods import/export process smoothly.

       Whether you are exhibiting artwork or a large-scale operating platform, our industry-leading solutions allow you to focus on your visitors and customers.

Business Logistics

      CENTEX focuses on industrial development, allowing customers to not only gain logistics benefits when working with CENTEX, but also gain advantages in the market. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and work closely with them - to maintain close contact with the management team.

From shortening delivery time to providing temperature-controlled freight, our team solves practical problems for customers around the world every day.

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