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Lndustry News
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China's consumer environment continues to optimize and improve


超级快3派彩网 www.a1tns.com Focusing on solving the problem of consumers' distrust in the domestic consumer market, we will focus on improving standards, strengthening market supervision, and improving the protection of consumer rights, creating a safe and secure consumer environment, and increasing consumer confidence in the domestic market.

The quality of products and services continues to increase. We continued to carry out special campaigns for “increasing variety, quality, and branding” in the consumer goods industry, and conducted a physical comparison between key products and foreign product quality and performance. We will promote the implementation of the “Same Same Standard” project for both domestic and overseas sales of exported food products. Strengthen the construction of the national standardization system, implement the enterprise standard leader system, publish the guideline for the implementation of the comprehensive standardization technology system for the implementation of smart households, and promote the construction of standardized demonstration projects for domestic service. In 2017, 2,620 products of 2,620 export-oriented food and agricultural products enterprises had achieved internal and external sales of “the same line with the same standard”, and “domestic same line with the same standard” domestic sales of products totaled 109.8 billion yuan. The qualified rate of national product quality supervision and inspection was 91.5%, and it has been maintained at more than 90% for 4 consecutive years.

The social credit environment has obviously improved. We will strengthen the construction of a social credit system, continuously expand the scope of nationwide credit information sharing platforms, accelerate the construction of the “Credit China” website, promote the signing of credit memorandums and penalties in various fields, and promote the full coverage of a unified social credit code. By the end of 2017, the national credit information sharing platform had connected 44 government departments, all provinces, municipalities, and 61 market institutions to collect about 13.4 billion credit information, and cumulatively issued 33 joint disciplinary incentive memorandums for trustworthy trustworthiness and untrustworthiness. More than 10 million people. The "Credit China" website has disclosed about 150 million pieces of information of various kinds, with a total of more than 1.5 billion visits and a daily visit of up to 23.5 million.

Market supervision has been further strengthened. Increase price supervision and anti-monopoly enforcement. We will give full play to the role of the 12358 price monitoring platform, dispose of price violations, and publish price reporting cases and typical cases every month. We will further advance the crackdown on counterfeiting and counterfeiting and continue to carry out the “Quality Inspection and Sword Campaign”. Continuously improve the consumer rights protection work system and promote the implementation of the "Red Shield quality rights protection action." In 2017, the national 12358 price supervision platform received a total of 781,000 price reports, complaints, petitions and consultations, an increase of 8.3%, including 233,000 price reports and complaints, an increase of 23.4%; the quality inspection department conducted a total random inspection of 115,000 homes across the country. The company found 11534 batches of unqualified products and investigated 9675 unqualified companies. In the past five years, the industrial and commercial departments investigated and dealt with 342,000 infringements of consumer rights and consumer goods, with a value of 2.69 billion yuan.

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